The name JÖRTH is taken from Old Icelandic and its meaning is EARTH.  Jörth is a “place” where you will find trusted evidence about health.  All information on the website is based on evidence-based research in the field of nutrition and medicine.  Jörth provides evidence-based knowledge and gathers and summarized the best evidence from research to help you make informed choices about health.

Jörth is for anyone who is interested in using high-quality information to make health decisions. Whether you are a doctor or nurse, try patient, carer or researcher, Jörth provides a reliable information to enhance your healthcare knowledge and decision making.

Jörth was founded by Birna G. Ásbjörnsdóttir  in 2008.  Birna has MSc degree in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey and is currently studying Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford. Birna works as nutritionist and lecturer.

Today we are flooded with all kinds of health tips and solutions.  It is important to be able to access high-quality information from evidence-based research to make health decisions.  All the material on the site is from randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, which are high-quality research referred to as the gold standard.

Jörth provides you reliable information on health and nutrition as well as how to increase wellness and prevent illnesses.