Birna is available for consultation by email, Skype/FaceTime and phone.

The consultation includes the following:

  • Medical history, will be registered. The focus will be; general health, family history, specific health problems/diseases, diet, exercise, medication and supplements. Questions on digestion and the digestive tract will be asked as it gives important information about general health of the person.
  • When the interview is over (approx. 30 min.), a detailed plan will be made and sent via email on the same day. The plan will include dietary advice as well as appropriate lifestyle changes for the coming 6-8 weeks.
  • In some cases, eliminating certain foods or food groups will be recommended. This will, in some cases, help to discover food intolerances and possibly some allergies.
  • Furthermore, the plan will include specific supplements to support the healing and rebuilding process.
  • The aim is to use healthy nutrition for healing and rebuild the digestive track and gut microbiota.
  • In some cases, specific laboratory tests will be recommended. These are never compulsory but indeed a choice of preference. The laboratory tests are all offered within a *Functional Medicine context.

Medical conditions arise from within the body, where they are often concealed from a practitioner’s external view. Laboratory testing offers a quantitative report of the patient’s physiology.

Each test is designed to detect one or more particular functions, ranging from cardiovascular health to toxicity to gastrointestinal and metabolic functions. With this insight into the internal workings of the body, it is possible to see the problem/disease with more certainty, intervene more effectively, and treat the person with greater success.

*Functional medicine is based on evidence-based research. Functional medicine is preventative, holistic, and individualised approach to health care, which aims to support quality of life and prevent/treat disease.